Weekly Practices to Love Yourself & Let Your light SHINE

with Sofiah Thom of Temple Body Arts School


- Weekly Practices to Love Yourself & Let Your light SHINE -

with Sofiah Thom of Temple Body Arts School

Do you desire a Deeper relationship with life?

I am here to support your journey...


Your Path to...

Commit to yourself and put Your Temple Body First.

Nurture Your Divine Essence.

Reveal your Unique Gifts.

Be Supported In Your Personal Journey by Like-Minded Women On a Mission to Change our Lives for the better!

let your Infinite Potential guide you into Embodying the
woman you were born to BE!

Beloved sister, do you know in your heart you're here for a deeper purpose? Have you been feeling called to to show up, be of service, awaken humanity…

But aren’t entirely sure how to turn that into reality?

There’s nothing worse than feeling a deep calling to serve and know yourself at a deeper level, but not being 100% clear on how to do that.

I know the depth of spirit that lives within you, and it’s your birthright to find it through the most beautiful ways possible. The deep calling within your Temple Body to connect to your divine essence and commit to your gifts is no longer to be silenced. When you choose to SAY YES to yourself and allow your inner knowing to be heard, you’re allowing the manifestation of the life you desire to unfold.

For so long, I said no to fully knowing and connecting deeply with my gifts. No to stepping into my birthright of my own divinity and the treasure of gifts that lived within me.

The more I said NO to myself, the less I was being of service to others. And the more I tried silencing the deep calling to embody the goddess within, the less alignment I felt with my true self.

And I don’t want you to keep silencing the calling to commit and connect with your gifts either, Sister.

My life transformed in the most magical ways possible when I unlocked the secrets behind embodying my divine power and presence.

For the last 20 years, I have been mastering practicing the tools to align my mind and beliefs with my desired outcome. As I embody the highest version of myself, I have been able to and continue to create the life of my dreams, one of love, purpose, and impact.

I KNOW you’re one of many incredible women out there who, just like myself, always knew you’re here to share your unique gifts with the world and find yourself feeling a deep calling in your womb to embody and rise as the feminine leader you are being called to be...

But perhaps there’s been something holding you back from truly stepping into your infinite potential.

Do you ever feel like you’re...

  • Faced with imposter syndrome and giving in to your playing of small stories?
  • Allowing fear to hold you back from fully committing to yourself?
  • Comparing yourself to others instead of practicing self-love? 
  • Desiring another life but not knowing how to get there?
  • Afraid to be SEEN and HEARD and that you’re not ready to fully live your mission?
  • Spending too much time trying to figure it all out in your head?

I know those feelings too well because I have experienced them too,
time and time again.

It’s time to let go of it all, Sister.

These thoughts and feelings are just that and
they do not serve you.

You CAN change your current reality.

 I know you’re ready to say YES to yourself, and your life, and nurture your divine essence so that you can
reveal the divine gifts living within you.

And it took me years of trial and error to be able to master the secrets behind what it takes to align your body and mind to fully awaken the infinite potential you hold within and magnetically attract the life you desire.


The world is going through a massive shift, and you’ve been given the opportunity to leave that which no longer serves you behind so that you can live in right relationship with yourself, your body, your loved ones, while honoring and embodying the woman you were born to be.

No more saying "NO" to yourself.
No more silencing the deep calling to serve others with your unique gifts,
 and no more saying NO to the life of your dreams. 

When you let go of your old stories and stop denying yourself of your birthright to live authentically, you will be rewarded with the most epic life aligned with your values.

It's Time to say YES to yourSelf!
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Prior to working with Sofiah I had a vision of my life’s calling but no clear path as to how to get there. Since immersing myself into the Temple Body Arts training, I have not only refined my vision, I found a clear path to embodying my unique feminine leadership and a profound connection to deep healing that has shifted me into living in a fully abundance mindset and exploding my wealth frequency tenfold!

Kiki Mason — St. Croix USVI 

There's no Need to Struggle anymore...

you can...

experience life from a fuller, more authentic place, connected to your infinite potential.

Every day, I have the privilege of helping women around the world connect to their divine essence and discover their unique gifts.

I have been able to create a safe container for empowerment and embodied presence through sacred movement and inner exploration that is constantly expanding and touching the lives of more and more incredible women.

As a Visionary and CEO of the Temple Body Arts School, Danyasa Eco-Retreat and Envision Festival in Costa Rica,
I’m committed to guiding women, like yourself, to nurture their divine essence, know their own value and birth their gifts into the world as an authentic, embodied, radiant woman.

Since I made a commitment to myself and my gifts, and I decided to cut off that which no longer served me,
I have been able to lead authentically and create the life of my dreams — 

one of service, integrity, deep connection and love.

And I want the same for you, Sister.
Because I know what is possible when you give yourself permission to say YES to your radiance...

It is your time to shine!

Temple Body Radiance —
for the woman who is ready to SAY YES to deepening her relationship with...

Through nurturing your unique and divine essence,
you are invited to discover the gifts and the boundless radiance
that lives within you, waiting to be expressed!


  • Discover the unique gifts within your Temple Body so you create your life day-to-day from a place of awe, appreciation, and loving devotion.  
  • Commit to showing up for yourself like you never have before and unleash the magical moments of insight that are powered by a rich connection with your heart.
  • Learn to live with authenticity, alignment and integrity so you can live from a place of ease, use your energy wisely, and sleep well.
  • Nurture the awakening of the greatest power in the world within — the Divine Feminine —  where intuition lives and is waiting for you to say YES to working with it deeply, daily.
  • Embody the Goddess you were born to BE, and SHOW UP as her... !

Nurture Yourself...

receive the best tools and techniques to build the lasting habit of: 

  • Deeply listening to and trusting the wisdom of your body so that you're creating from a place of deeply embodying your highest truth.
  • Connecting with your breath and your body daily to ensure you're aligning with and fuelling your highest desires.
  • Cultivating your sword of discernment through daily self-reflection in order to hone your ability to make soul-based decisions moment to moment, day to day. 
  • Embodying your womb wisdom which will empower you to remember the deep-seated, feminine power within to dissolve modern-day problems and open the door to the heart in relationship to the womb.
  • Uncovering the layers of your gifts each day in order to connect with and feel your deeper purpose for leadership at this time.
  • Tuning your body like an instrument of the divine that it is which will send out the electromagnetic frequency that matches what you truly desire to create, live, do, be, and have.

What if, EACH DAY, you Continued to invest in yourself?

What if, today, you made the commitment to never stop tending to your Temple Body, Taking charge of your beautiful mind, and allowing your infinite potential to shine through?

If You're Ready To...

  • Deeply connect with your body and your sensuality by committing to the journey of falling in love with yourself 
  • Create new daily habits and rituals of honoring yourself so you can show up with confidence, devotion and authenticity 
  • Reclaim your sovereignty and your power to continue to say YES to yourself and all that desires to birth through you
  • Create a direct connection with the divine
  • Awaken your inner masculine and feminine in order to create the life you desire
  • Adopt self-love practices and mindsets that work!
  • Reveal your unique divine gifts and magnetize the life and opportunities of your dreams

Then you’re ready to step through the doors of
the Temple Body Radiance
where you’ll receive…

What You'll Get When You Sign Up Today:

  • Weekly Divinely Channeled Audios by Sofiah — Including Embodiment Practices, guided Meditations, And Soul-Inspired transmissionS inside our PRIVATE fB group and Delivered To Your Inbox
  • Weekly Touch Point and guidance — to support you in aligning and committing to your divine feminine awakening so that you can deepen your relationship to yourself and life 
  • Monthly LIVE GATHERING — With 20-Minute Signature Temple Body Arts Experience Followed By Discussion, Q&A, Coaching And Mentoring, And Occasional Special Guest Experts 
  •  NEW MOON AND FULL MOON Journaling Prompts AND DIVINE ACTION STEPS Aligned With The Theme And Practice Of The Week TO Further Support You TO Step Onto Your Path Of Leadership
  • Private FB Group with direct access to connect, Share, and Get your Questions answered by sofiah, the Temple Keepers, and your like-minded soul-sisters and Radiant Women On the Path of Awakening
  • YOUR VERY OWN Temple-KeeperS WHO WILL KEEP A safe space for everyone to be seen and witnessed as you deepen your relationship to yourself…
    no one you have to be but yourself.
  • Special member-only bonuses, gifts, discounts, special calls & gatherings, first access TO NEW OFFERINGS, AND MORE GOODIES ARE UP OUR SLEEVES!

Each month, I'll channel specific Feminine Leadership Embodiment Practices for you and send powerful energy transmissions to you to help you step into truly BE-ing the woman you were born to be at this time.

Founding Members' Investment:
Last Day to Register - June 1
Then  $97   $33/month ($1.10 per day)

OR Get 2 Months FREE when you sign up for the year

**Price will increase Once This Founding Members' OFfering is Complete. join today to save$.** 

monthly Membership




  • Weekly Audio - Channeled Transmissions
  • Weekly Inspiration delivered to your inbox weekly… 
  • Monthly LIVE Group Calls 
  • Q&A - Direct access to ask questions in the group
  • FB Group of like-minded radiant women
  • Receive support and get your questions answered by the sisterhood, Sofiah, and the Temple Keepers…
  • New Moon and Full Moon rituals and journal prom​pts
  • Temple-Keepers… Designated sisters holding a safe space for everyone 
  • Special member-only offerings


Working with Sofiah and Temple Body Arts brought me back to my body. To its mysteries, its wisdom, its beauty. I came to know that everything I desire is already within me, that I don’t need to look outside of myself for the answers. I discovered a deeper connection with my womb and accessed the power that lies within, living in harmony with the moon cycles. And of course, the support of the Sisterhood, witnessing each other journey, struggle, victories, it’s so healing and empowering. 

Maria Paranich — Kailua, Hawaii

Sister, I invite you to Continue on
this GUIDED journey With Us.


Let's Keep Reclaiming Our Temple Bodies,
Our Unique Gifts,
and Our Soul's Divine Purpose

To support you in continuing to say YES to yourself on this path of nurturing your divine essence 
and shining as the radiant woman you were born to be... 

I’ve created a special container for women like you,
who feel deeply called to fall in love with yourself and
live your most authentic and on purpose life. 

A place where you can find belonging
and grow together with women from all over the world with different backgrounds.

Receive all the reflection you need from being in this sisterhood.

Our power lives in the present moment.
We can only create from this moment.
It’s time to release the old and harness the infinite potential living in the now.

YOU are your greatest teacher, sister. 
And when you let yourself tune in, invest in yourself,

and connect with like-minded radiant women on the path of awakening,
you begin to attract magic in all aspects of your life.

If you’re not convinced yet, see what other embodied feminine leaders have to say about working together:

Praise From My Sisters

Before working with Sofiah and diving into Temple Body Arts, I had this calling with tons of ideas but no support or aligned focus.

Receiving Mentorship from Sofiah, and having support from the sisterhood community, helped me to honour my expression, and receive impeccable guidance on getting super clear on my message and who I serve in my business the divine feminine way.

Through the mentorship of Temple Body Arts, I truly feel what it is to embody my inner power to manifest my highest desires!


Calgary, Canada

Working with Sofiah on the global mentorship program invited me into these practices and community that I don’t have in my day to day life.

I was working a taxing, depleting job and through this work I was able to find self-love for myself, I realized that I am worthy of cultivating the life that I truly desire.

I am now deeply rooted in myself and will integrate these practices in my daily life to create the life that I wanted to make and I have all these women in the sisterhood to support me.

I am so grateful for the experience. Sofiah is an amazing mentor and space holder, she lives what she’s teaching.

I hope that if you’re feeling this YES, you can trust it and like me take a leap. Do it. If you feel it, say YES. Thank you.”

Andrea White


Imagine living in a world where women had been guided by their Mothers, Sisters, Aunties, and Grandmothers into the gifts of living and loving being fully EMBODIED and ALIVE in a woman's body!

We are the revolution bursting through outdated old paradigms and beliefs! Taking back the beauty, power and wisdom of our bodies. Sofiah Thom is an utterly authentic, inspirational and leading edge teacher who guides with an unparalleled wisdom and grace.

I am so honoured to walk with Sofiah as a new paradigm Feminine Leader of our Times. I recommend her programs and retreats with all my heart. You will discover her Temple Body Arts as a Divine DANCE of Life, Creativity, Passion, and a re-birthing of yourself anew.

Together we will rise in Sisterhood and become the women we all were looking for.

Thank you Sofiah."

Phoenix Na Gig

Cornwall, UK

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More Sister stories

Anya Devi  Utah, U.S.

Before I started working with Sofiah as my mentor, I did not realize the full potential of my gifts and my purpose, but since I began the Temple Body Arts practices I’ve been able to heal through deep wounds and reactivate my soul purpose in order to step out in empowered and embodied leadership, offer my online courses and programs, and to share my medicine with the world.

Amanda Vanya Quebec, Canada

Through the mentorship with Sofiah I have transformed from living a story of smallness, unworthiness and self-judgement to falling in love with my authentic self, awakening to my wholeness and claiming my graceful power. Her teachings have guided me into the remembrance of my soul's purpose and to birthing myself as the courageous, creative feminine leader I am here to be.

Safiah Abdullah
Saudi Arabia

Before finding  Sofiah, I was lost, with anxiety and panic attacks, recovering from codependency, and craving for self-love. Everything she taught me seemed foreign, but I felt at home. Sofiah, for me, mirrors the embodiment of self-love. Her presence, wisdom, and loving heart helped me feel belonged, seen, and held. She always assured me that "my presence is enough."
I feel reborn and thrilled to re-experience life with joy and trust, and with the help of a great mentor, lifetime tools and loving sisters.. ready to birth my gifts to the world. 

Join Sofiah THOm in the Temple Body Radiance Monthly Membership Program Today >>>

At Temple Body Arts,
We Explore Accessing your Divine Essence through... 


You'll begin with Intention which will support you in aligning with your highest YES.

You'll activate your Inner Compass which will connect you to your wellspring of sexual, creative power

where unlimited energy is waiting for your call...

It's time to recognize and remember your body as a vessel for divine creative spirit, daily.


The Five-Fold Path constitutes the roots and foundation of Temple Body Arts.
It's a guided map to support you to embody, empower and express your divine feminine power and unique gifts. 

Through this process, you'll learn how to become a clear channel for your creative power and inspiration to flow through.

It's time to embrace clarity of message and begin sharing your best work with the world without anymore hesitation.


You'll discover how to awaken and harness the different faces of the Goddess within to support you in
navigating life with more ease and grace. 

Within your Temple Body lives a myriad of archetypes and energetic frequencies
which guide and move through you if you allow them.

​It's time to Awaken the Many Faces of the Goddess from Within...


You'll create a daily ritual around aligning with highest YES and your truest desires.

 Experience with us what it takes to live on the path of devotion to your highest vision through elegantly discerning and recommitting to only that which makes your heart soar and your spirit come fully alive. 

It's time to take action and recommit, daily, to your dreams.

the Power of Sisterhood

We value collaboration and co-creation over competition.

Sacred relationships like sacred sisterhood is a space where you receive deep reflections to
improve yourself and be a better version of your best self, that’s the truth.⁣⁣

We stand in our value, connected to our life’s mission, take our roles as Embodied Feminine Leaders, and leave a lasting impact on the world... TOGETHER.

We can only do it... together.

Sister, you deserve to live your highest YES 

It’s time to Live Your YES and cultivate a deeper relationship to your inner compass, innate wisdom and feminine power that lives within your Temple Body, so that you can create a life of authenticity and joy, aligned with who you truly are.

Say YES to yourself and your gifts and take advantage of the early bird Founding Members' price of just $33/month 
(just over $1/day).

And embody the Feminine Leader you were born to BE, as you create the space for your infinite potential to shine through all and your gifts to create a meaningful impact on this world.

There is no better time to rise above your current circumstances and create lasting habits that will support you in creating and claiming your dream life from a deep place of truly listening to how you are being called to serve at this time.

Are you going to...

Continue to spin out and wonder where to focus your precious attention?
Keep playing small and waiting to put yourself out as a leader?

Take advantage of this special opportunity to start embodying your highest expression and reclaim your body, unique gifts, and your soul's purpose!


Before I discovered Sofiah and her work, I didn’t know anything about tuning in, listening and feeling into my inner teacher. I didn't understand my wisdom lives within and that my inner compass is always guiding me, I always looked outside of myself for the answers.

Through Temple Body Arts, I was able to develop my own practice and the habits and routines of listening every day to my guidance rather than holding onto the past and recreating old ways of doing things. I was able to be more present and truly listen to my inner guidance in order to discover my authentic expression. 

Sofiah’s continuous encouragement and leadership inspire me to keep following my heart and finally embody the confidence to share my gifts with the world. 

Cornelia Aurelia, Vienna, Austria

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